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Guatemalan Jadeite Polished Gem

Guatemalan Jadeite Polished Gem

Introducing our stunning Guatemalan Jadeite Polished Gem, a captivating addition to any crystal collection.

Mined from the lush and vibrant landscapes of Guatemala, this gemstone boasts a beautiful green hue and a smooth, polished finish.

With its deep connection to the earth and its powerful healing properties, Guatemalan Jadeite is believed to bring harmony and balance to the mind, body, and spirit.

Each gem is carefully hand-selected for its unique beauty and energy, making it a one-of-a-kind piece for crystal enthusiasts and spiritual practitioners alike.


Whether used for meditation, energy work, or simply admired for its natural splendor, our Guatemalan Jadeite Polished Gem is sure to add a touch of grace and tranquility to any space.

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