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XL 3lb Moss Agate Tower

XL 3lb Moss Agate Tower

Weighs approximately 3.1 lbs, measuring 7.5 inches tall & 3.5 inches in width.


This stunning Moss Agate tower is a true masterpiece of nature. Weighing in at a whopping 3lbs, it is an XL size that is sure to impress. The intricate patterns of green moss-like inclusions are mesmerizing and make each tower unique. This crystal is believed to bring balance, stability and grounding energy to one's life. A must-have for any crystal enthusiast, this XL 3lb Moss Agate Tower will make a beautiful addition to any collection.


Each crystal is completely and uniquely natural. It may have natural cracks and perfect imperfections. This is what makes natural crystals so special.

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